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Paul Inglesfield
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Paul Inglesfield WOW! How this album is not a world wide smash is a mystery? I can honestly say its one on the best albums ive ever heard. Fast, heavy, melodic,.. there is so much going on here, it has it all. Not sure where the QOTSA tag comes from id say this record would be more suited to fans of TOOL, but who cares? Its a great album from start to finish. Favorite track: Lactose.
Fabrizio Sartini
Fabrizio Sartini thumbnail
Fabrizio Sartini Great band, they deserve a world coverage!! really pro. smart, complex, a pleasure for ears. Favorite track: F.I.T..
rundllexe thumbnail
rundllexe I'm honestly surprised that this is only in 8 people's collections, one of the best finds on Bandcamp so far! Favorite track: F.I.T..
Soshanna thumbnail
Soshanna Prog Metal from Canada...but its hard to categorize these guys into one genre. There is just so much going on and its all good. Great vocals on top of it, plus creative song writing with catchy melodies. Memorable songs that just flow effortlessly from one to the next.

This is an excellent album. On my best of 2012 list! HIGHLY Recommended! A+ Favorite track: F.I.T..
Adam Poole
Adam Poole thumbnail
Adam Poole Love this album and even had a short email conversation with guitarist upon purchase. An unexpected bonus! Hard to pick a favourite track as I love them all but since people have already gone with F.I,T. I'll go with something else. Favorite track: Building into a Building.
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released March 1, 2012

Zeb Pigott-Duggan - Vocals & Violin
Jordan Bennee - Guitars & Keys
Kyle McLean - Guitars
Joel Cannell - Bass
Jonas Fairley - Drums

Produced and Engineered By Shawn Penner and Aaron Nordean at Mushroom Studios and District Four Studios

additional musicians:
Katie Kreter - Cello
Jonathan Sykes - Trumpet



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the next hundred years Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Blue Max
I'm of a mind to kill
Confined two
One bed
Another fall down
You know what's ahead
How long you gonna stay this time
My dear friend
I'll be colder than last
So longer I guess

My pain's like sixty seconds away
From sixty feet drop her
Into a foot of water
A foot of water
Drop her

Of a mind to slip
Confused so again
My hand goes in the fire
I'm thinking it'll come out wet
What am I gonna do
About these blues reds and mess
I'll be colder than last
Why how or when

My pain's a minute away
From sixty feet drop her
Into a foot of water
A foot of water
Just drop her
Like the rock that she is
I can't abide you
Dragging along
Dropping strong
Strap it in
Soak it in kerosene

My bad habit dying hard
My bad habit leaving scars
Kick it
Snap it like a twig
I can't have you dropping
Dropping harder
Kick harder
Kick Harder
Snap it like a twig

How long
So long
I can't stay
My sign waits

Of a mind to kill
Confined two
One bed
Slow fall down
You know what's ahead